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LOST TALES: A TRON FANZINE is an anthology of art and writing that explores the gaps in the story of TRON. Compiling the work of twenty-nine creatives, this zine serves as a celebration of the franchise's characters, history, and lore, by expressing curious wonderment for the in-betweens of the stories we know and love.This zine also celebrate digital preservation. All funds generated from this project will be donated to the Internet Archive, a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artefacts in digital form.Pre-Orders are NOW CLOSED!

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    What is a zine?
    A zine is a self-published, non-commercial vehicle for expression and ideas. Zines have been around since the late 1920s as an expression of thought and were popularised in the '60s with the birth of fanzines.
    What is this zine about?
    The title and prompt of 'Lost Tales' come from the idea that there is much of the canon TRON universe timeline that is unknown to the viewer. Similarly, with this franchise's cult status, much of the fandom and pomp surrounding it gets lost to time or internet obscurity. This zine is an attempt to highlight that, while also assuring other Tron fans that they are never alone in their appreciation.
    What kind of works does this zine include?
    This zine includes a variety of art, comics, fics, and essays.
    Is this a charity zine?
    Yes, LOST TALES is a charity zine! All of the zine's profits will be donated to the Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.
    Will this zine ship worldwide?
    Due to restrictions around VAT, we will not be able to ship to countries in the United Kingdom or the EU, as well as countries restricted by our courier USPS. View the list of countries at this link.
    >> Please note that any orders CONTAINING PHYSICAL PRODUCTS being sent to the UK or the EU WILL BE REFUNDED.
    > Got any further questions?
    Please submit it to our Tumblr askbox and we will reply as soon as we can, or send us an email at losttalestronzine [at] gmail [dot] com !
    This FAQ will be updated as time goes on. Last updated Jan 14th, 2024.


    The following schedule is tentative and still under review. If this notice is gone, then the schedule has been solidified.

    ✓ Apr 14, '22Interest Survey Opens
    ✓ Apr 30, '22Interest Survey Closes
    ✓ May 7, '22Contributor Applications Open
    ✓ May 28, '22Contributor Applications Close
    ✓ June 7, '22Contributors are notified
    ✓ June 7, '22Creation Period Begins
    ✓ June 8-11, '22Idea Check-In
    ✓ July 4, '22Check-in #1 - 50% Mark
    ✓ Aug 1, '22Check-in #2 - 75% Mark
    ✓ Aug 29, '22Final Submissions Due
    ✓ Jan 16 - Mar 18, '24Pre-Order Period Begins
    ✓ Mar 18, '24Pre-Order Window Ends
    Mar 1 - Apr 31, '24Production & Fulfillment
    May 1 - Jun 1, '24Orders mailed out

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